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Useful information

Please use the links below to find out more information about your wheelchair service and what is happening in your local area.


Wheelchair user manuals

Click here to view the useful video links page

Click here to view the What Happens Next – Assessment leaflet

Click here to view the Right to Travel leaflet from the National Wheelchair Managers Forum

Useful links

The Wheelchair Alliance is committed to the guidance and empowerment of those who use a wheelchair, their families and carers in the UK. We work hard to ensure the right voices are heard by the right people, and drive forward lasting positive change.

If you have a link to an organisation that you think could benefit other service users, please get in touch with us at

Hive Portsmouth“We connect people and organisations to share, support and learn in order to meet the needs of individuals and are committed to working together with the objective of building a happier, healthier and more connected city.”

Activity Alliance: Disability Inclusion Sport

Lived experiences

Do you have your own blog?  If you’d like to share your lived experiences, send us a link to your site and we’ll list it here.

4SuitcasesandaWheelchair – Accessible travel blog – “We hope to raise awareness of where accessibility is falling short, and force change where it is needed to make everywhere accessible to everyone. We hope through our experiences to inspire and encourage others in a similar situation, to embark on their own adventures whether it be to a local attraction or a long haul flight away.”

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